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Bagels are a staple product in a fragmented market...
and ours are the best!

Now Franchising. With 8 locations and an average gross sales of $2,125,398, Long Island Bagel Café is looking for operators that can handle the volume of a true NY Bagel Store. Rolled on Long Island, available anywhere.

Filling the void of great bagels, one town at a time.

Do you think you have what it takes to be on the other side of this counter?

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Bagels SUCK outside of NY! 
Long Island Bagel Café has 8 stores with an average Gross Revenue of $2,230,113 in the most competitive bagel market in the country.

Become an owner

LIBC is looking for franchise owners that want to be hands on in business operations. We know how to build and support high volume bagel stores and are are looking for franchise owners who can run or manage a busy operation.

Initial Investment

Now is the time to invest with a LIBC café franchise Take advantage of our 20 years of experience and proven track record, while prime territory is available, and fees are low.

Superior Product

Unofficially, Long Island has to be the most competitive bagel market in the world. To operate stores with average volume like ours, you have to be on top of your game with product, as Long Islanders demand the best and we serve the best.

Are You Ready?

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Superior Product

Numbers don’t lie, neither does a New Yorker when it comes to bagels. For close to 20 years Long Island Bagel Café has thrived in the most competitive bagel market in the world. Our Long Island Commissary is where our bagels are rolled and shipped out to be boiled, baked and dressed fresh onsite at franchise locations.

Proven Track Record

Since 2001, Long Island bagel Café has been serving incredible bagels, breakfast sandwiches, deli sandwiches, catering and more. Our customers love us and we are often the very first stop when back in town after being away from home. For close to 20 years, LIBC has thrived in a very competitive market place, but serving the best product with great service.

Hands On Support

LIBC is committed to your success. With 8 corporate units and almost 2 decades of running high volume stores, we have developed strong systems and processes to help you manage your business. Our Long Island Commissary produces all your bagels and salads and delivers fresh product to your store. Our employees love us as much as our customers and you will receive hands on training from our All- Star managers, some that have been with us 15+ years.  We provide up front training, opening support, marketing support, product support, and on going training.

Third Party Financing

Need help sourcing the dough for our opportunity? We have relationships with several 3rd party vendors that can help qualified buyers secure funding.

We have made it easy!

From our Store Design and build out, to serving the best bagel your customer has ever had and everything in between, we got you covered. We have packaged our years of experience of opening stores and training operators into a streamlined system including rolling all the bagel dough at our Long Island commissary.

Market Opportunities

There is truly a void of good bagels outside New York. If we had a dollar for every time a customer complained to us about what gets passed off as a New York Bagel in other markets and how great our stores would do in other citys, we would have enough money to order Lox every day of the week.