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It’s really no secret that Long Island natives are obsessed with bagels. In fact, it’s difficult to find a shopping center on Long Island without a bagel store. This is the type of competitive environment in which the Long Island Bagel Store (LIBC) thrives, due to our quality, high standards, and shining reputation.

Since day one, brother’s-in-law Randy and Joe have approached the LIBC business with a franchise-type mindset. Empowered by Randy’s business savvy and Joe’s culinary background, the pair established numerous stores throughout Long Island, New York and built a commissary. They have employed and empowered a fleet of managing partners to oversee daily operations of the company’s locations.

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Our bagels are rolled in our Long Island-based commissary and then shipped to be boiled and baked on-site daily at all of our locations. This is a tradition that we are committed to upholding in the long-term and it’s this attention to detail that has established us as a trusted hometown favorite among bagel connoisseurs.

For many years now, LIBC customers have shared stories about unappealing bagel encounters in other states. In an effort to service a larger market, we are now leveraging our tried and true business methods to bring our bagels to a wider audience. We are very proud to begin answering the country’s call for a premier, more refined experience via our franchise efforts, and better bagels for all.

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For almost 20 years, LIBC has thrived in a very competitive market place, but serving the best product with great service.

red bagel

Filling the void of great bagels, one town at a time.

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