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To help ensure you are able to obtain the necessary financing you will need to successful launch a location we require you have a minimum of $250,000 liquid assets (cash and marketable securities) and $1,000,000 net worth. This requirement may be higher for franchisees desiring a multi-unit agreement or for certain market places.

Yes, we want our franchise partners to be comfortable with their investment and offer both single unit and multi-unit development options.  The Franchise fee for a single unit is $35,000. If you are interested in Multi-Unit development, there is a reduction in the franchise fee for additional units.

We require that there be a dedicated store manager at each franchise location. This can either be the owner, or this role can be delegated out to a store manager who completes our store management training program.

Yes, we offer Veterans a $5,000 discount off the franchise fee on the first unit

We have a flexible footprint, our typical store ranges between 1,500 and 3,000 sq. ft.

Yes, in general we require food service experience for our franchisees. We will consider a franchisee with strong business acumen and a manager with food service experience. 

Your initial investment can range considerably based upon size and location, amongst other factors. Typically to open a Long Island Bagel Café the entire project costs from $585,000-$882,100. Learn More

We do not offer any direct financing but have 3rd party financing companies we can introduce you to.

Franchisees should expect to be on Long Island for approximately 3 weeks for comprehensive  training. This includes both classroom style training as well as hands-on in-store training. In addition, we have on-going franchisee training and support.

The Federal Trade Commission requires we provide that information in a very specific format as part of our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). You will receive that document from your franchise development representative. 

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